Why more people are choosing Ziptrak blinds for their homes

Is buying Ziptrak blinds a good idea?


Well, yes—if you’re aiming to balance quality and beauty.

Reasons why people are now choosing to get Ziptrak blinds

1. They can guarantee protection.

These indoor blinds Melbourne citizens love to buy are sealed; therefore, you can relax knowing that you’re protected from dust, mosquitoes, flies, or pollen.

2. They have unique features.

Their track-guided system allows for hassle-free operation, never leaving you frustrated with a slow mechanism. The distinct handlock feature allows anyone to easily stop and lock them from any angle.

3. They can be custom-made for your house or apartment.

Crystal Image Blinds, for instance, are one of the providers of Ziptrak blinds that can perfectly fit your house’s specs and appeal. You can choose your own fabric, style, or material. Their factory in Kilsyth, Melbourne, ensures the products are tailored to your diverse requirements.

4. They can shield you from weather extremes.

Block the harmful UV rays or annoying harsh winds with these blinds. Being durable and easy to operate, you can rely on these blinds as a shield from sudden weather disturbances.

5. They can help cut your electricity bill.

Using solar power is becoming more prevalent in Australia today. People are investing more in solar systems for producing and storing their own electricity. The good news here is that Ziptrak blinds’ electric motors can also run on solar energy as well.

6. You can control their mechanism with ease.

Even though they’re designed according to your requests or your house’s specs, you would still want them to be flexible, right? No worries, since you can easily alter their size, shade coverage, etc. Simply modify their spring balance locks, the Kedar or Keder, and the motor itself.

Taking care of your blinds at home

Regardless if you’re planning to buy Ziptrak or roman blinds Melbourne stores sell, make sure to maintain their functionality with these tips.

For Ziptrak blinds

  • Clean the mesh or PVC with a mild soapy solution. For better results, refer to the manual guide to know the best type of cleaning solution.
  • Dry the blinds with a soft cloth before rolling them up.
  • Don’t roll the blinds up when they are still moist. This might cause mould to form.
  • Never use hose, bore water, or harsh detergents when cleaning the blinds.
  • If bird droppings fall or coffee spill on the blinds, act quickly and clean them; never allow them to sit, in order to avoid semi-permanent stains.

For roman blinds

  • Vacuum the fabric often, so you can do it less frequently later on. Make sure to remove any dust or elements.
  • Clean the fabric with a gentle spot removing solution. Refer to the manual guide to be on the safe side.
  • Put them in the washing machine if they are beyond filthy.
  • If the fabric is water-resistant, hire someone to do the steam cleaning for you.

The takeaway

Blinds are extremely underrated home compnents. They can protect you from external elements and instantly add pizzazz to any drab room. That’s why you should opt for products that balance functionality and aesthetics, such as Ziptrak.

Whether you own a cozy one-storey home or a posh apartment unit, you can have your own personalised Ziptrak blinds Melbourne homeowners love. Just get in touch with Crystal Image Blinds, an Australian-owned business in Melbourne. See more at https://www.crystalimageblinds.com.au/ziptrak-blinds/