6 signs that you are dealing with a good Asian catering company in Australia

Without a doubt, the spectrum of Asian food is a broad one. With many countries in Asia having their own styles when it comes to cooking, there will be a lot of options to choose from. You will have food with intense and unique flavours and rich with the freshest of meat and vegetables. That is why many people look for Asian catering to add a twist in serving food for their guests.

asian catering

However, it can be difficult to find an authentic Asian food caterer, especially if you live in the West. No one is perfect, but you should make sure the Asian food caterer hits these marks:

1. They are focused on food from a certain region.

Just because they offer Asian food doesn’t mean they can serve the best specific food you are looking for. It is important to remember that Asia is made up of many culinary regions. So, you should find a caterer who uses a regional label.

For example, a catering company that specialises in Vietnamese meals is a safe guarantee that the meals are coherent.

2. They have deep knowledge about Asian ingredients.

Quality ingredients make delicious meals. So, when you are looking for an Australian Asian catering company, choose one that has the knowledge of and enthusiasm for fresh and authentic Asian ingredients.

Whether you are looking for traditional, mixed, or modern Asian cuisines, quality ingredients are essential to achieving the best flavours.

3. They speak the language.

When you are speaking with a Vietnamese food caterer, and the staff members also speak Vietnamese, then it is a good sign that you are dealing with the right company. This means that you can trust them to prepare and serve the food you want for your event, as they themselves know their culture in cooking.

4. They have a specialised menu.

One of the first things that you should do when considering a caterer is to check their menu. For an Asian caterer, they should, of course, offer a specialised menu of Asian food. If you see that their dishes have local names, then good for you—you have struck gold!

5. They do not make fake dishes.

At first glance, some dishes might appear Asian. Actually, they are simple dishes that are just made to appear oriental. One way to determine an authentic meal is looking at its ingredients. If it has western ingredients, then it is probably fake.

6. They encourage food tastings.

You would want peace of mind in all areas of your event. One of the best ways to feel comfortable with an Asian catering in Australia is by sampling their food beforehand. If a company does not encourage food tasting, then do not hesitate to search for another one.


Choosing the right caterer that serves fresh and authentic Asian food is essential if you want to impress your guests. In fact, it makes a huge difference between success and failure of your event.

You would want to have excellent and delicious Asian food that your guests will enjoy. Look out for the signs mentioned above to make the right decision.

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